Learning Communities

Multiple models for maximum access

Given discussions at the campus level regarding equity and access to high-impact practices and the call to define the first-year experience, IU Indianapolis has developed multiple learning community models as a means to scale up and to engage all IU Indianapolis freshmen in learning communities. All learning communities at IU Indianapolis have the same five common attributes:

  • Integration of the curricular and co-curricular is intentional and designed to encourage integrative thinking in students.
  • Out-of-class activities enhance academic content, integrative thinking, and community building.
  • Active learning strategies are used in each course.
  • Experiences are intentionally designed to foster community building and sense of belonging.
  • Faculty and staff collaboration fosters community building, integrative approach, out-of-class experiences, and/or student development.

Planning Resources

Use the links below to access resources on Box.IU for logistics and planning of your learning community.

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